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Every delicacy by 'Layers' holds a charm that enchants with every bite

Like a Fantasythat feels Unreal

Our Purpose

About Layers

Founded in Lahore in 2020, the philosophy of Layers Bakeshop was simple; to create connections through desserts while striking the ideal balance between flavor and feeling.

Since the beginning, Layers has secured an irreplaceable spot in the hearts of people.
Being the quintessential representation of aesthetics and taste, a Layers dessert is consumed by the eyes well before delighting the tastebuds!
Reaching Nationwide

Growing & Expanding

The love for Layers has only blossomed with time. We now have 8 stores in different locations including Lahore and Islamabad- and this is just the beginning.
Our dream to bake the best desserts in town continues to flourish, and we are over the moon to have created a sweet utopia for dessert lovers to make their sweet escape from reality to fantasy!
Creation timelines for the standard

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Layers is aiming the disrupt the market and demand of the cakes in Pakistan with our delectable, decadent sweet flavor, and irresistible bakery items.
Our experts care for your taste buds and pour their efforts in making rich, creamy taste, and aesthetically beautiful texture in cakes.
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